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Dear Edith. We wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the superb service we have received from Square Deal Neil's. We had only recently moved into the Owen Sound area when we found ourselves looking for appliances, for our rental house that we have been staying in temporarily. We checked through many stores and returned to Square Deal Neil's when we could not find better prices or service. And at the time of purchase were delighted when we were given a "package price" for our three appliances. Bonus! And now again, as we get ready to move into our newly built house, we checked into numerous stores and again were delighted to find that Square Deal Neil's was, again, well ahead of the competition. But to suggest that price was the only determinant would be to understate the superb service we received. No matter which of the staff we dealt with, their advice and helpfulness were the same. Whether it was the sales people or the fellows that delivered our appliances, we can't say enough about the wonderful manner of all of them. It allowed us to choose the best appliances for our needs at the best price. Hands down! Thank you, Wayne Cowell and Pat Shutak

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